Here the Mountains Whisper

Feb 21st 2013

From the margins of Aeric’s Spellbook

…so continuing from when the band of murderous thugs I’m with currently decided to hack up the orc instead of giving my magic a bit more time to set in (I think they’re just not used to the awesome power of the arcane) we continue on through the fortress of the Noblemen.

Based on the performance of the party in general I don’t expect any of the Noblemen can stand up to the sheer amount of hurt we can hand out, why in the space of a dozen seconds the party reduced one group of guards to assorted bits and I have to say that while Darren and Warden are a bit hard on the ears their marksmanship can’t be faulted.

Now, I’m a bit worried about the Drow who is travelling with us. He doesn’t really listen to Elric’s tactical advice (though I understand that you have to get up front and toast some guys sometimes) and seems intent on scouting ahead even though he completely missed an entire nest of drakes hovering inside a very suspicious canopy AND somehow got trapped in a room with an ogre even though we’d all made it outside and the ogre was about to be trapped forever, necessitating Elric to dive to his rescue in an unexpected break from his cold calculated tactical style of combat.

We’re getting down to the encounter with their leader who is a mage of considerable power, I’ve been working on a counter-spell but it isn’t quite finished so I hope that we can use our group’s odd makeup to even the odds, assuming of course we can get these two idiots out of the Ogre hole.

You know this gives me an idea for a teleportation spell, it’ll be awhile before I can even think of casting it though

[Illegible arcane markings follow…]



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