Here the Mountains Whisper

From the Fjord blood did leak
Causing sky to quake and shiver
The snows came to thunder speak
Softly, as a mountain whisper

Daal’Dorash is a city of division; In location, people, and even in name. Straddling the mouth of the Whisker River which runs through the Iron Fjords, it sits in a quiet coastal region at the foot of the Thunder Peaks, a sharp, stony range which keeps many ferocious beasts out but many more in. The city takes its name from the Daalish elves who call the pocket region their homeland and Dun Dorash, the great Fjordlord who fell at the Battle of Whiskers and whom secured the region for his dwarven brethren.

However, not all conquest is permanent. In recent history a crisis of faith among the Iron Dwarves and a well-timed rebellion by the Daals saw the city fall into elven hands where it now rests firmly clenched. The bicentennial of the Daalish Spring approaches and adventurers from all around descend on the city for food, sport, and to partake in the tradition of searching for the mythical Gift of the Daals. All the while, Kharn the Red watches from his hole high in the Thunder Peaks, bemused and ever patient.

In the common tongue, a Daal’Dorash Deal is one in which things are split evenly and no one is happy. As any adventurer who seeks to make a name for themselves in the region will soon find, there can be no victory without a cost, and no defeat without revenge.

Sessions every Thursday, 7:30pm

Here the Mountains Whisper

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