King Marius

An iron bust, in the Daalish style, depicting Marius after his coronation

King Marius, also Venerable King Marius or Venerable Marius, was a former Daalish priest who united his people against the Iron Dwarves whom had enslaved them for hundreds of years, in what has come to be called the Daalish Spring. Known for his hopeful and emotionally moving speeches, he was as great a warrior as he was a healer and leader, sparing many of the Iron Dwarves and allowing them to flee to the Thunder Peaks.

He ruled for only a few short weeks before being murdered by Kharn the Red who sought to steal the Gift of the Daals for himself.

He had no known offspring, but a rumored former lover, one Lady Ursula, still lives among the Daalish people outside of the public eye, instead allowing Sidhmal to take his place.

King Marius

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