Iron Dwarves

The Iron Dwarves arrived in the Land of the Daals from the south, crossing through the Thunder Peaks after being driven out of their homelands by a powerful wizard and his undead army. They passed up settling within the Thunder Peaks themselves, instead identifying the importance of the Whisker River and what controlling the mouth of the river could mean in terms of resources and trade.

There they settled and erected a small village, called Tall Water, but it was not long before they became the victim of raids by Daalish tribal groups. A campaign to push the Daals across the river to the northern banks sparked a greater conflict which soon covered the entire pocket region and saw much death for both sides. This culminated in the Battle of Whiskers on the site of what is now the city of Daal’Dorash, which saw the death of the Dun Dorash, the Fjordlord. The Mountain Whisper was erected on the very spot where he drew his last breath.

The Iron Dwarves proceeded to enslave the Daals and use them to create the grandeur that is the city of Daal’Dorash today. All traffic moving inland along the river was controlled and taxed and a wealthy aristocratic class of dwarves, obsessed with coin and ancestry, rose to the top.

The sundering of the Mountain Whisper sparked a period of confusion and a sort of spiritual and existential crisis for the Iron Dwarves. They had believed that no weapon or magic could harm the stone due to its size and the notion that their ancestral spirits would protect it, a few of the theories among many within high dwarven society that proved to be wrong. It called into question much of the basis of the Iron Dwarves’ faith and ties to their ancestry and the earth and stone itself. During this period the Daals united and armed themselves, striking when least expected and crashing over a society that was unprepared.

Many of the Iron Dwarves fled to the Thunder Peaks with not a word of them since, many believing they died under the harsh conditions. Others families who were not slain still exist in the city to this day, them and their children enslaved by the Daals.

Iron Dwarves

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