The Daals are a tall, fair-skinned elfnic group that trace their roots to native hunter-gatherer tribes based in what is now called the Land of the Daals, a pocket region at the foot of the Thunder Peaks.

The Daals lived for many centuries in harmony with the nature of the region, forming only modest hut villages along the banks of the Whisker River and deep within the areas of heavy wilderness. The arrival of the Iron Dwarves sparked a conflict which saw a rapid unifying and modernization movement by the Daals, one which was ultimate defeated by the better equipped and organized dwarves.

They lived as slaves for hundreds of years under the Iron Dwarves, gathering resources for their trade and providing a cheap workforce, which resulted in the creation of a lofty and out of touch dwarven aristocracy concerned only with wealth and their ancestral religion.

It is said one of the Daals, now accepted to be King Sidhmal, cleaved the sacred Mountain Whisper in two, sparking a crisis of faith among the Iron Dwarves and allowing the Daals to once again unite and rise up against their oppressors in what is now called the Daalish Spring.

Since then Daal’Dorash has been under the rule of the Daals, with Sidhmal as their ruler, and only a small population of Iron Dwarves left to work as slaves.


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