Here the Mountains Whisper

The Margins of Aeric's Spellbook

This city can't into sports

Damn, I’m a lot better at sports than I thought!

[2:57 PM]
After getting drafted into Jorgen’s crazy excuse for a backup team we completely stomped those orcs. I mean we wrecked their shit in a shutout. I even tackled down their team captain to say nothing of what Elric did their winger, I mean I thought that guy was dead for a couple of seconds.

[3:10 PM]

I guess we’re the talk of the town, whole party is going out to…well party

[2:10 PM]

Nansha sent us a letter asking us to go see her at her office, I brought the rest of ‘em along with me because it seemed like a bit more than just a “good job”. Turns out it was, she’s apparently acting on behalf of the lower house and wants us to check out rumours of weird trees and undead along the southern border. Now I’ve seen my fair share of weird trees in the Feywild but they usually don’t run with undead animals, and what’s worse is that my brother Earar decided to go look into this for Nansha before we even got to town and he hasn’t sent a word back. I know Elric and William will come check this out and I don’t doubt Warden will come along if there’s some coin it as will the others.

[7:50 PM]
After that was dinner with the king, I’m fucking glad we didn’t lose this game the goddamn kingdom is run by a lunatic. “No victory without a cost” my ass, we didn’t stab those guys (Hue might have a little bit). Ate, got our rewards (10 minutes in a grandwizard’s study, heck yes) and as a team we now have a writ for the Builder’s Guild to construct us a house according to our specifications, it’ll be nice to get out of Jorgen’s house/shop. I’m a bit concerned that the King hadn’t heard anything about the necromantic stuff that’s going on in the south, I think that should take top billing and not just because my brother is missing, people in the Prime tend to underestimate what trees and pissed of nature can do.



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