Here the Mountains Whisper

June 3 2013

10 and a half hours remain

My hand crossbow needs to be re calibrated, a shot that close would have saved some trouble. I immobilized a dwarf, Dobby, who then became a map to the underground complex. The dwarves use large centipedes to move through their tunnels, which we then used to stage an ambush. The large crawlers drew dwarves in to our killzone; they wear bells on their heads as some form of alarm. One more reason to aim for a head.

Dobby continued to lead us closer to the prison section of the complex, however, the “random patrols” seem to have been increasing in frequency. Unsurprising. Dobby and I may need to have a chat soon.

A large cart filled with dwarves arrived when we reached a junction. Marshall and I filled the dwarves with arrows and bolts, the half-elf set them on fire. Upon leaving the cart, the dwarves were kind enough to position themselves as if waiting for a firing squad.

We travelled up the railway track, and we encountered heavier resistance. The dwarves have decided to wear armor and use bows. The bells continue. Marshall and I dropped dwarves from the spiral staircase; one landed with a satisfying crunch.

We have decided to stop for a breather, and I can now tend to this arrow wound.



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